The political climate in Kerala offers considerable challenge. LDF and UDF have become the rot in our legislative and administrative set up. The system is misused to discriminate people and perpetuate inequality. In the sixty years of their compromise politics, the basic needs of people were not addressed. We lost our agriculture sector. Manufacturing sector miserably failed. Traditional industries totally vanished. Tourism stagnated. Despite our rich resources, and youth potential, the successive governments turned the state unfriendly to investors. Development plans are altered or sabotaged to suit vested interests. The CPM and Congress through their unholy alliances still wants to grab power in Kerala. They reduced governance to a transfer of power for gains of vested interests. Now their sinful nexus has become visible to all.

Technology has transformed every aspect of human life world over. Digital technology is changing every day the way we communicate. To survive progress and succeed, we need to embrace innovations employing latest technologies. But the LDF and UDF provided a miserable administration that failed to assimilate technology, promote positive disruption and innovation.

We therefore need a competent system of governance, receptive to game changing innovations and technology that address the basic needs of people, build basic infrastructure, revive agriculture and village industries and bring about sustainable development. Also, we have to make a substantial shift towards renewable and clean energy. Now, we have enterprising youth who think differently, ready to follow their dreams taking risks and challenges. We need skilled people in every family, a lot of entrepreneurs in every village, empowered women; people self-reliant and happy. Kerala has to emerge as the top investment destination like other investment friendly states in India.

We should stop falling into the sensational and divisive political traps set by the Left and the Congress acting in collusion. Let the LDF and UDF carry the baggage of a system unworthy of our times and hold on to their empty, out-dated promises.

The positive change has to begin now.

Team up with BJP for the long awaited transformation and social change. Let’s polish our skills, innovate and build a new Kerala.

V. Muraleedharan.